May 22nd, 2020

Top Reasons to use Server Virtualisation

Virtualisation Solutions for small and mid-sized businesses

SMB virtualisation server products and solutions that increase IT efficiency and help you keep your business running, wherever your employees may be. But what does that look like in the real world?

Larger-than-life stories about startups are often more entertaining than informative, but they can demonstrate some real-life business lessons—especially the importance of server virtualisation.

In television and film, realistic representations of IT are few and far between. Most movies feature tech pros either fast-talking technobabble, or presenting miraculous solutions in the nick of time.

However, some television media manages to walk the line between art and accuracy to deliver spot-on, not-quite-a-parody representations of California’s tech paradise. While tech-savvy and ordinary viewers alike can enjoy the interpersonal antics of these shows, you can take away a number of implied business lessons— the value of virtualisation, for example. Let’s dig in.

Real-life Insights from tech-valley TV shows. (Spoiler is speed is #1)  DOWNLOAD

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