July 23rd, 2019

This is Epyc

Say goodbye to antiquated theories, old science, and staid technology. Say hello to AMD EPYC™ – the server processor of today built for the datacenter of the future. AMD EPYC™ processors deliver more performance, more advanced security features, and more value than Intel Xeon.

As one of the two major processor manufacturers in the world, and boasting more than half a century of top-quality computing experience, AMD are a true powerhouse of the industry.

AMD offer one of the wisest product ranges on the market, from consumer graphics cards all the way up to high-performance EPYC server processors. All products combine the same quality, expertise and clever features you’d expect, with the benefits of low energy consumption and purchase costs.

If your customers are looking for flexibility, power and security from their processor purchase. Look no further.

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