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"A great place to find informative and relevant information"

Westcoast College helps me with my role, as I can refer to stats and facts when making sales calls. Such a great place to find the relevant information you need.

"The best place to find all training materials and up to date webinars"

Westcoast College always post the latest trainings and events so you can sign up easily ahead of the date.

"An engaging educational tool with plenty of perks!"

I always rely on the Westcoast College to find the latest HPE content, but love that I can gain rewards from learning.

"Awesome content"

The varying content in the form of videos, articles and quizzes really helps simplify and highlight the main selling points for me to take to my customers.

"My go to for everything HPE"

HPE are constantly innovating with new technology, and the College is front of mind for bringing me up to speed to ensure I’m best placed to support my customers.

"A wealth of assets to take away"

Not only is the content really engaging, you can download sales guides and one-pagers as key takeaways and reference points to aid customer conversations. Added bonus!

"The best One Stop Shop for everything HPE"

The Westcoast College is one of the best places to find all the latest informative news on everything HPE. The college is so simple to use and houses everything from news, training video and events. The gamification of the site also makes it interactive and a fun place to learn. This is a great place for all knowledge types from experiences pros to newbies to the industry.

"Westcoast College is a fantastic resource!"

Westcoast College is a fantastic resource to have at your fingertips and has proved invaluable in helping me expand my knowledge on HPE solutions

"Easy to use and highly interactive "

HPE College is easy to use, highly interactive and a great place to find up-to-date, current information to use to support my customers. I love that it also offers access to quizzes, training, videos and incentives for our partners!