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Aruba Edge Service Platform (ESP) is the industry’s first AI-powered platform designed to unify, automate, and secure the Edge. Aruba ESP combines the technology principles of AIOps, Zero Trust Security, and a Unified Infrastructure combined with a compelling and flexible consumption model. Together Aruba ESP delivers business agility, builds new revenue streams, and creates compelling experiences that delight customers and employees. One of the 3 main pillars of Aruba ESP is AIOps which is delivered with the Aruba Central platform.

This webinar is targeted at Sales and Presales people and will provide you with the Aruba Central story and an easy to follow script to allow you to deliver seamless Aruba Central Demos to your customers.

Aruba Accelerate – Invitation to Virtual Training HERE

Aruba Networks – a complete end-to-end solution, supporting tomorrow’s learning

Aruba Wi-Fi school solutions – delivers reliable, flexible, secure digital school experience

Reliable, flexible, secure Wi-Fi in the classroom, boosts teacher and student satisfaction. Teachers can communicate lessons, and homework on demand, as students work and roam on mobile devices. Aruba delivers top class Wi-Fi solutions to schools, that deliver a reliable, flexible secure digital learning experience inside and outside the classroom. Here are some of the biggest Wi-Fi challenges that schools experience;

Wi-Fi Reliability
A Wi-Fi connection that offers full-coverage and reliable service is essential for the digital classroom. Aruba’s scalable infrastructure guarantees a high performing network that delivers uninterrupted teaching.

Wi-Fi Flexibility
Bring your own device, bring your own chaos!. Aruba allows teaching staff to authorize user Wi-Fi access on any device. Teachers can add or remove users with centrally controlled, secure access to the internet.

Wi-Fi Security
A Wi-Fi network that doesn’t differentiate between users and access rights is not only confusing, it is also a security risk. The Aruba security policy always checks what Wi-Fi access is authorised on the schools network; if you’re not on the approved list, access is denied.