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Introducing HPE MSA Gen6 Storage: Hands-Free, High Performance, and Simpler than Ever

Announcing HPE MSA Gen6, the next generation of HPE entry level storage. New high-performance models match today’s workloads, automating and simplifying IT processes, and protecting business data anywhere. The affordable modern storage arrays include a choice of HDD and SSD media.

I have great news for small to midsize businesses! HPE has just announced HPE MSA Gen6, our next generation SMB SAN storage solution. HPE Modular Smart Arrays (MSAs) let businesses secure their most valuable data and make it easily accessible to employees, with a modern architecture that includes a number of new iSCSI, SAS and Fiber Channel high-performance Gen6 controllers and a choice of HDD and SSD media.

HPE’s entry level storage portfolio continues to allow customers to take advantage of performance, simplicity, and flexibility over a wide range of workloads. Enhancements to the Performance Tiering option let you configure a high-performance SAN solution with a minimal number of SSDs, allowing HPE MSA Gen6 to deliver application acceleration to every ProLiant workload without breaking the budget.

Three New Models Make Simple Storage Simpler

A leading entry point solution for HPE ProLiant servers for over a decade, HPE MSA Storage now includes three new Gen6 models that deliver simple, high-performance, flash-ready storage for SMBs:

  • HPE MSA 1060: Designed for users with fixed capacity and performance needs supporting smaller IT workloads
  • HPE MSA 2060: Offers the flexibility to scale both performance and capacity to meet the most demanding IT workloads
  • HPE MSA 2062:  Includes an HPE MSA 2060 bundled with two 1.92TB SSD drives and an Advanced Data Service license, giving the user a substantial savings (up to 31% off list price) and the ability to start day one with a high-performance affordable hybrid-flash storage solution.


Regardless of which model you choose, all MSA Gen6 arrays include a standard set of features that are ideal for SMB customers looking to accelerate to hybrid-flash SAN infrastructure. For starters, the new Gen6 architecture makes interacting with the array and using it simpler than ever. The new HPE MSA Storage Management Utility (SMU v4) provides intuitive, step-by-step guided workflows that configure the array straight out of the box, eliminating common errors and dramatically improving the user experience, especially for tasks users don’t do every day.  Guided workflows simplify these tasks and virtually eliminate the need for a reference manual.

We have also made improvements to the Health Check feature. Want to know how well your system is performing and be certain you are not overlooking anything in system setup? With just a few simple steps, MSA Health Check uses a cloud-based utility to assess your system’s compliance with all known HPE best practices and provides detailed next-step guidance to resolve any issues.

Updated and Automated Features Enhance Performance

While there are several new features and enhancements in these sixth-generation arrays, I want to draw your attention to three enhancements that work in combination to significantly improve performance in the new models.

A new Gen6 RAID controller architecture provides up to 50% higher performance versus the previous Gen5 controllers. System latency is reduced, allowing faster access to applications and data. It’s a substantial performance boost that your users will notice as they use their applications.

Performance Tiering 2.0. The Gen6 models have access to a new “hands-free” Tiering 2.0 algorithm that delivers up to 45% more workload application acceleration than previous Gen4 and Gen 5 models. By automatically responding to I/O changes in real-time, the enhanced Performance Tiering option helps to keep “hot” data on the fastest media (such as SSD Flash) further speeding up access times and improving both system and user productivity.

MSA Data Protection Plus (MSA-DP+), a new RAID-based data protection feature, brings dramatic improvements to traditional RAID technology. If a drive fails, rebuild performance is up to 25X faster than RAID 6 – which means the drive can be rebuilt in next-to-no time. This new feature can eliminate the need for idle drive spares and dramatically simplify expanding or growing your array’s capacity. MSA arrays using MSA-DP+ now support capacity expansion at a more granular level, allowing the addition of a single drive or whole expansion shelves to an existing configuration.

More than a Decade of Engineering Improvements

HPE MSA has a proven track record that spans well over a decade – with engineering and technology innovations that continue to make affordable SAN storage simpler, faster, and more reliable. Now with MSA Gen6, we’ve improved on that same high quality, reliable product heritage.

Whether you’re buying a new data storage solution, your data storage infrastructure has gotten too complex to manage, or your existing hardware needs a refresh, HPE MSA Gen6 arrays are a smart choice. HPE MSA Storage has always been a simple, affordable storage solution. The new Gen6 models take entry level storage further, matching today’s workloads, automating and simplifying IT processes, and protecting business data anywhere.

For more information on new HPE MSA Gen6 storage solutions:


AI Age Webinar Series | Episode 1: The New Age of Selling

The way that technology is consumed, delivered and paid for is changing, and with a greater emphasis on agility, flexibility, scalability and innovation. An age where speed is king.

So, how can you harness the opportunities that this new era will bring?

This first part of this 2-part webinar series provides crucial background details around the new age of AI, as well as outlining a range of opportunities that are starting to become available, and how to exploit them.

Learn more about TSE, the experts in place to help you capitalise on these emerging opportunities: https://tse.westcoast.co.uk/

HPE GreenLake for Storage

Deliver business outcomes faster and unlock the full potential of your data with cloud services for storage, optimised for all your workloads.


Data is one of your business’s most valuable assets, fuelling innovation and powering informed decisions. Data needs to be always-on, always-fast, automated, protected and available on-demand. But as your business advances, complexities arise. You need a simple way to transform from IT operator to service provider for your business – so you can focus more on innovation and less on administration – and help your business get more value from their data – wherever it resides.

Get the HPE GreenLake experience

Storage infrastructure with the performance, scale, agility and efficiency your business needs can be yours in days with HPE GreenLake, offering a set of workload-optimised, consumption-based solutions built on an intelligent data platform and delivered to you entirely as a service. Built-in buffer capacity eliminates the risk of overprovisioning by ensuring you’ll be able to handle any unexpected demand, and HPE will work with you to add resources as needed before your business needs additional capacity. With HPE, your data works for you, rather than the other way around.


Can HPE Nimble Storage dHCI get any better? Yes it can!

HPE Nimble Storage dHCI is a breakthrough disaggregated HCI platform that was introduced last year. It provides the simplicity that VM admins need when it comes to managing their unpredictable workloads.

Since launching the platform, HPE Nimble Storage dHCI has won the 2019 CRN Tech Innovators award for top data center infrastructure technology, and customers around the world have seen the benefits from their HPE Nimble Storage dHCI experience. One great example that comes to mind is how an international financial services customer reduced their operating costs by 50% and achieved 2x faster application provisioning. Customers like this one love their HPE Nimble Storage dHCI because it lets them focus less on managing their infrastructure and more on accelerating their business.

Today, HPE is pleased to announce some new and exciting features for HPE Nimble Storage dHCI. Below are the latest features that will take your HPE Nimble Storage dHCI experience to the next level:

Consume virtual machines as-a-service

Starting now, you can get HPE Nimble Storage dHCI with HPE GreenLake to consume virtual machines as-a-service, accelerate your time to value, and simplify your IT management. You get a cloud experience that allows you to pay as you consume with infrastructure managed for you, lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO). Imagine what your business can achieve with this type of agility, and just think of how much more productive you can be! You can truly focus on innovation and accelerating your business, while finding better ways to deliver your products to market faster.

HPE Nimble Storage dHCI with HPE GreenLake is available today!

Expanded server options for more flexibility

When HPE Nimble Storage dHCI was first introduced in 2019, it supported the HPE ProLiant DL360 and DL380 Gen9/Gen10 servers. In the course of the last year, VM admins have been asking for more server options for HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, and we listened. The HPE ProLiant AMD DL325, DL385, DL560 and DL580 servers will all be supported for HPE Nimble Storage dHCI!

HPE has also increased the supported node count from 20 to 32 servers, so VM admins will be able to use HPE Nimble Storage dHCI to support larger workloads.

For VM admins with existing HPE ProLiant servers, the increased HPE ProLiant server options add unique value. Administrators can combine their HPE ProLiant servers with new HPE Nimble Storage arrays to upgrade to HPE Nimble Storage dHCI. Now VM admins can have a hyperconverged experience that provides ultimate simplicity for their virtualized environments, with fast app performance, absolute data resiliency, and resource efficiency, without having to rip and replace their servers. It takes just five simple steps and less than 15 minutes of their time.2  

HPE has even more new features for HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, so let’s find out what is next!

Upgrade intelligently with one click and you’re done

HPE customers will now get simplified lifecycle management with one-click, unified software upgrades for server firmware, hypervisor, and storage software, saving IT productivity time and de-risking upgrades. This one-click upgrade eliminates the need to download individual software upgrades, and can be simply performed through VMware vCenter. 1-click software upgrades for hypervisor and storage software is available now and server firmware upgrade will be added in second half of 2020.

Read more about our intelligent lifecycle upgrades in our deeper-dive blog here.

HPE Nimble Storage dHCI was built to make your life easier. In 2019, it started off by providing HCI simplicity for your virtualized environments without any trade-offs. Now, with today’s announcement, HPE is making dHCI even simpler so you can focus on running and accelerating your business without worrying about infrastructure.

Read about all of the HPE Storage news! “Hewlett Packard Enterprise advances HCI solutions for expanding remote workforce initiatives in wake of COVID-19”.

AUTHOR: Ryan Harris, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Top 12 reasons to buy HPE Nimble Storage

Enterprise storage today takes up too much of your customer’s time – time spent managing, upgrading and fighting fires. It’s time to elevate their storage experience with a platform that unlocks IT agility, ensures apps are always-on and always-fast and extends across hybrid cloud. It’s time to experience HPE Nimble Storage.

If your customers ever needed a reason to buy HPE Nimble Storage, here’s 12!


HPE Storage: Accelerating recovery and transformation with an Intelligent Data Platform

Senior Vice President & General Manager, Tom Black, shares the strategic vision that is unlocking the power of data

Customers demand – and deserve – data solutions that exceed their expectations, in both good times and bad. Data is the lifeblood of any organization during the Age of Insight, and this is especially true in dire circumstances, like those our world has faced this year amid the dramatic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The crisis has amplified critical needs, such as preserving business continuity, enabling remote (and distributed) work locations, handling sudden and dramatic fluctuations in workloads, and securing their data without compromising speed and efficiency.

When I assumed leadership of HPE Storage this year, I already knew our storage business, portfolio and Intelligent Data Platform were special. The team’s ability to pivot and redirect resources to help customers accelerate their digital transformations because of COVID-19 has been both humbling and inspiring.

Here’s just one of many examples of how our team is helping customers navigate COVID-19, one we will share during the HPE Storage Spotlight session an extension of our successful HPE Discover Virtual Experience.

Recently, as the virus spread like wildfire through Turkey, a hospital had to create a makeshift treatment facility in a parking lot that was supported by HPE Primera, our high-end intelligent storage array for mission-critical applications. 

Near the new facility, someone had mistakenly parked some industrial equipment too close to the HPE Primera storage array, causing some of the solid-state drives (SSDs) to slowly melt.  Within the array, and if gone undetected, the result could have been catastrophic.

As expected, HPE Primera did its job. It detected the rising temperature, automatically took steps to cool itself, and kept the drives running long enough to shift the critical data to another system, thus protecting the storage domains – and enabling medical professionals to go about the work of saving lives uninterrupted.

The power of HPE Storage doesn’t stop there. When Ferrara Candy Company emerged as a leader in the candy world, they needed a solution that would allow their IT environment to evolve and keep up with the pace of their business. HPE Nimble Storage with HPE InfoSight and HPE Nimble Storage support transformed the workplace for their IT team. With this powerful combination, Ferrara Candy Company can see exactly how their apps are performing. They’re no longer firefighting – engineers are now able to get some sleep and can stop focusing on the infrastructure as it essentially self-manages.

I can’t imagine better examples of the power and importance of storage, and why we have such a unique position in the market as an edge-to-cloud, platform-as-a-service company. We are also helping many who can’t currently access their data centers, with 90 days of free capacity with our HPE Cloud Volumes, an enterprise cloud data service.

IT also needs to prepare companies for what the future will bring, serving as a catalyst for transforming the business. With HPE Primera, HPE Nimble Storage, and the rest of our vast portfolio enabled by Enterprise Cloud Data Services and HPE GreenLake, we deliver key advantages that aid customers during and beyond the crisis:

First, we’re minimizing the risk to critical workloads by providing end-to-end, mission-critical reliability. Second, we’re helping customers simplify what otherwise would be complicated, by enabling always-on operations with AI-driven intelligence; no one can match us in that area. And these capabilities require an intelligent data strategy where data is always-on, always fast, automated and on-demand, enabled by hybrid cloud and powered by global intelligence.

As the Turkish hospital example proved, AI-driven intelligence predicts and prevents issues before they occur and keeps the infrastructure optimized and accessible, in any situation.

Our own data reveals that storage systems from HPE automatically detect and resolve issues 86% of the time, and that our solutions are doing so efficiently, too – with customers incurring a 79% decrease in storage operational expenses. As a numbers guy, these get my attention.

In fact, HPE InfoSight – which powers our storage portfolio through predictive analytics – collects and analyzes data from more than 100,000 systems, and uses that intelligence to make every system smarter and more self-sufficient. To date, it has saved tens of thousands of customers – including Ferrara Candy, mentioned earlier — from disruptions, prevented over 1.5 million hours of lost productivity and analyzed over 1250 trillion data points. The numbers don’t lie: it’s the most advanced AI for infrastructure.

Now, despite challenges to our own working environment due to pandemic-driven restrictions, our agile team has further advanced our intelligent data platform. We’ve recently announced breakthrough innovations designed to unlock even greater agility and value of data.

For instance, with its embedded AI-engine, HPE Primera now goes beyond predicting and recommending, and can automate system operations in real-time – a major leap forward. We’re also extending our “cloud-everywhere” strategy by enabling an on-premises cloud with HPE GreenLake while helping modernize data protection with our new HPE Cloud Volumes Backup service.

HPE is helping storage customers get the most value from their data. Our solutions are AI-driven, built for cloud and delivered as a service, all key factors to accelerating business recovery and powering transformation.