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Aruba Instant On 1930 Switch Series Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is Aruba Instant On announcing?
Aruba Instant On is a purpose-built cloud-managed wired and wireless networking solution ideal for small businesses with limited IT staff. With this announcement, the Aruba Instant On portfolio is expanding to include cloud-managed Ethernet switches. The Instant On 1930 Switch series consists of smart managed, fixed-configuration, easy-to-administer Gigabit switches that share the same Instant On cloud-based management as Aruba Instant On indoor/outdoor access points. These are feature rich, flexible,
cost-effective switches bringing enterprise capabilities and performance to smaller networks. They can be cloud managed with the Instant On mobile app and web-based portal, or locally managed by Web GUI.

Why is Aruba Instant On introducing the Instant On 1930 switch series?
Inclusion of Instant On 1930 switch series to the Aruba Instant On solution now provides small business customers with a complete wired and wireless network infrastructure that’s secure, reliable, and easy-to-setup, with an attractive price/performance value.


What are specifications of the new Instant On 1930 switch series models?
The Instant On 1930 switch series consists of four (4) Class 4 PoE (PoE+) switches, and three (3) non-POE switches including 8- 24- and 48-port Gigabit Ethernet switches. Two (2) dedicated 1G SFP fiber ports on 8-port models, and four (4) dedicated 1G/10G SFP+ fiber ports on 24-/48-port models, ensure high performance and eliminate traffic bottlenecks across the network.

What is additional value of the Instant On 1930 switch series?
Customizable features include basic Layer 2 features like VLANs and link aggregation, as well as advanced features such as Layer 3 IPv4 static routing, ACLs, and Spanning Tree Protocols, and IPv6 Host mode. Automatic PoE priority setting is established for APs, such that ports where an Instant On AP is connected inherits a high priority PoE setting. Security controls on the switch help to define access in each area of the network to keep business data safe. Set up, management and troubleshooting conveniently available through the cloud-based Instant On mobile app and web-based portal, or locally managed by Web GUI.

What warranty is offered on the Instant On 1930 switch series?
Instant On 1930 switches come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that includes 24×7 phone support for first 90 days, and chat support for the entire warranty period, with no recurring subscription or licensing fees. Customers have an option to purchase additional product support (Aruba Foundation Care) for a 3- and 5- year time period.


When will the Instant On 1930 switch series be available?
Instant On 1930 switches will be globally available (GA) on 1st June 2020.

Who can sell Aruba’s Instant On solution?
With stock available now, Aruba’s Instant On solution can be purchased from Westcoast Limited. Speak directly to your Westcoast Account Manager, or alternatively email our Aruba team directly: networking@westcoast.co.uk

How to order the different Instant On 1930 switch models?


How is the Aruba Instant On solution configured and managed?
To quickly configure, monitor and manage Aruba Instant On access points and 1930 switches from anywhere, customers can use either the cloud-based Aruba Instant On mobile app and web-based portal (https://portal.ArubaInstantOn.com), or manage locally through the web-based GUI. These tools allow configuration, monitoring and management of multiple sites, multiple networks, distributed deployments and multi-tenant deployments. The site inventory feature on the Instant On mobile app shows all
connected Instant On switches and access points on a single screen, allowing identification of non-functioning devices for quick troubleshooting.

What are the advantages of cloud-based management mode?
Cloud-based management offers these advantages:
 Simplified switch setup workflow for most network environments
 Same management for both Instant On switches and for Instant On wireless (access points)
 Remote management from cloud-based administration

When might a locally-managed web GUI management interface be preferred?
Here are some instances where customer may prefer a locally-managed web GUI management interface:
 Experience with configuring OfficeConnect smart managed switches in the past, may incline some customers to prefer a locally-managed web GUI
 Access to some advanced management features unavailable with cloud-based management
 Replication of configurations for larger networks or multi-site networks

Do I need to have an existing Internet connection to use Aruba Instant On?
Yes. An Internet connection is required to register and onboard Instant On devices via the cloud-based Instant On mobile app or web-based portal, or from the web-based GUI.

Can HPE OfficeConnect switches be managed by the Instant On management platform?
HPE OfficeConnect switches are managed by HPE OfficeConnect local web GUI only and cannot be managed by Aruba Instant On management modes (cloud-based Instant On mobile app and web-based portal or local web GUI).

Can Instant On 1930 Switch Series and HPE OfficeConnect switches be combined within a single deployment?
Yes. Both will still work but will have separate management dashboards. Instant On switches will be managed by Instant On management portals whereas OfficeConnect switches will be managed by OfficeConnect local web GUI.

LEARN MORE: https://ignite.westcoast.co.uk/ArubaInstantOn