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Aruba sustainability through HPEFS


IT asset lifecycle solutions from HPE Financial Services help you extract additional value from your existing IT investments or move to new technology more effectively. Today’s consumers and investors increasingly make choices that look beyond the bottom line price and profitability metrics. Sustainability programs affect consumer behaviour, as shown in a recent study1 of 2,000 consumers, where 70% said they would go out of their way to support a company that makes substantial efforts to be sustainable. This is driving many companies to adopt internal performance policies to effect change throughout their organization.

HPE Financial Service (HPEFS):

• Meets environmental, social, and governance (ESG) requirements and helps our customers meet their sustainability goals

• Securely recycles equipment to meet strict governance guidelines

• Converts underutilized or outdated equipment to buying credits


Once an organization decides that certain IT assets have reached the end-of-life, they face several decisions based on their ESG goals and requirements. Aruba offer assistance and options to retire assets. With HPEFS, Aruba address the challenges of increasing security concerns, business processes, and an extensive list of regulations that govern IT removal and retirement. HPEFS simplifies this process for our customers on a global scale. When you select Aruba, you also get a partner that has expertise gained from years of processing millions of assets per year. Plus, working with a single, centralized asset remarketing partner means it’s easier for your staff to continue achieving their day-to-day work.


Idle equipment, whether because it is outdated or not needed in service, reduces return on investment. HPEFS takes on the burden and complexity of legacy IT, and allows our customers to transition idle equipment out of the environment with efficiency and speed.


Proper management is key at end of use. Otherwise an organization could be left vulnerable to a wide array of security issues, unrecovered investment dollars, and diminished brand value. HPEFS helps customers make decisions quickly to ensure that the value of the assets is maximized in a secure and environmentally friendly manner. The HPE AUS includes:

• Product Pack and Ship Services (from customer’s site to an HPEFS Processing Center)

• Asset receipt, audit, and registration

• Product physical, mechanical inspection

• Diagnostic and functionality testing

• Data removal at the Processing Center (when applicable)

• Identifying marks and labels removed

• Product cleaning and remarketing prep

• Recycling services for non-re-marketable product

• Detailed reports (receipt, inventory, settlement)

• Certification (drive wipe, recycling)

• Alternative offer to destruction requirement in RFP

It also demonstrates the success of an Aruba solution, as it relates to SDGs, and to company leadership.

With any HPE Aruba solution, they aim for re-use instead of recycling or destruction, increasing the sustainability performance of our customers, as well as establishing a new revenue stream through HPE’s unique revenue sharing construct for recycled / repurposed / refurbished equipment, which can be used for re-investing into HPE products and services.

To find out more about Aruba and HPE’s commitment to sustainability here > Aruba Sustainability Through HPEFS | Aruba (arubanetworks.com)