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HPE AI/ML solutions, expanded partnership, and wins

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced two new HPE AI/ML solutions with supporting wins you can leverage in your accounts, and an expanded partnership with Qualcomm.

New solution: HPE Machine Learning Development System

Designed for AI development and training at scale, this turnkey solution combines model training and development software with high-performance computing (HPC) in an optimized AI infrastructure, enabling customers to go from idea to impact with minimum code re-writes and infrastructure changes.

  • Solution highlights
    • Accelerates time-to-insights from weeks to days due to its combination of preconfigured software (HPE Machine Learning Development Environment), compute, GPUs, storage and networking infrastructure, and on-site installation and model setup.
    • Turnkey, verified, and benchmarked system allows focus on developing and training models, not on managing infrastructure.
  • Early adopter customer win
    • German AI startup Aleph Alpha adopted the HPE Machine Learning Development System to train their multimodal AI.
    • Their system, which consisted of 64 HPE Apollo 6500 Gen10 Plus systems (and supporting hardware and software, including GPUs) began training in record time, combining and monitoring hundreds of GPUs in record speed.
    • Combining image and text processing in five languages with almost human-like context understanding, the models push the boundaries of modern AI for all kinds of language- and image-based transformative use cases.

New solution: HPE Swarm Learning solution built for the edge and distributed sites

This new solutions enables customers to access distributed siloed data without violating data privacy or ownership regulations. It helps customers develop new business models that drive collaboration for leveraging larger data sets for improved model training.

  • Solution highlights
    • Industry’s first privacy-preserving, decentralized machine learning solution.
    • Allows users to share learnings at the edge or distributed sites, without compromising data privacy.
    • Increases accuracy and reduces biases in AI models by enabling access to larger datasets while protecting data privacy.
    • Customers like hospitals or financial institutions can train AI models at the data source, without sending sensitive and protected information to a central location, adhering to their data privacy and ownership rules.
  • Early adopter customer wins
    • University of Aachen is accelerating the diagnosis of colon cancer by applying AI to image processing to predict genetic alterations.
    • TigerGraph is advancing anomaly detection to help banks fight credit card fraud by combining HPE Swarm Learning with its data analytics offering.
    • DZNE is continuing its journey to cure neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Expanded partnership with Qualcomm to deliver HPE Edgeline EL8000 Converged Edge systems

  • HPE Edgeline EL8000 Converged Edge systems will be offered with the Qualcomm® Cloud AI 100 accelerator to deliver inferencing for datacenters at scale, and at the edge.
  • The high-performance and low-power systems are compact, ruggedized edge computing solutions optimized for harsh environments outside the datacenter.
  • The solution will be generally available in August 2022.

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