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5 Insights on Data Protection in the Hybrid Cloud

The importance of data within the digital enterprise has never been greater than it is today.

Data, and the value it brings, has become core to almost every business model across all global industries. It delivers insights that allow an organization to better serve its customers, it enables closer integration with business partners, and it allows an organization to operate more efficiently, more effectively, and more proactively within
the market.

As the importance of data has increased, data has become more than just an asset—it has become a part of the business itself, woven throughout the enterprise ecosystem.

With the advent of the cloud and hybrid public, private, and on/off premises implementations, new options for how and where data is collected, analysed, stored and protected have emerged, including blended on/off-premises data storage as
a service.

See what HPE’s 5 insights on Data Protection are by downloading the PDF here: 

5 Insights on Data Protection in the Hybrid Cloud | HPE