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The tools to help you sell Aruba Instant On


Aruba Instant On is a combined wired and wireless networking solution built with the industry-leading, enterprise-grade technology Aruba is known for. It is right-sized for
small and growing businesses, with little to no IT support, who are looking for a reliable, secure, easy-to-setup networking solution at an affordable price.


  • For small and medium-sized businesses with little to no IT support, for single or multiple sites
  • Easy-to-setup speedy and reliable enterprise-grade connectivity
  • Built in security and best-in-class support services – give small businesses peace of mind so they can focus on their customers
  • Cloud-based and app-managed – customers can manage their network remotely, from anywhere
  • At an attractive price point – no hidden subscription or licencing fees



Small businesses prefer to deploy out-of-the box solutions to save money and speed deployment. They hold onto equipment longer, because of limited budgets and lack of dedicated IT. They look for long-term value for their investment, long warranties, and dedicated support. They value simplicity, reliability and ease-of-use, and want to ensure their company’s and customers’ data is secure. Small businesses are currently adopting
new technologies:

  • 68% have a focus on investing in replacing outdated IT infrastructure
  • 50% will adopt a Cloud-First approach when sourcing software, infrastructure or platforms
  • 44% plan to use automation tools; 43% plan to use Gigabit Wi-Fi technology



  • Small and growing businesses with limited IT staff
  • Small or growing businesses managing business remotely / deploying WFH for employees




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Aruba Instant On | Switches for Small Business

Aruba Instant On 1930 Switches

A switch is so much more than just a port. For business networks, switches form the foundation for reliable connectivity. They connect printers, cameras, PoS
terminals—the hardware that runs your customer’s world. The right switch can optimize network bandwidth and overall network performance, help run business-critical applications more effectively, with the security required.

The Aruba Instant On 1930 Switch Series can empower your customers to do more. Affordable and easy-to-deploy, these smart-managed, fixed-configuration Gigabit switches are designed with the small business in mind.

Why position Aruba Instant On 1930 Switches to your customers?


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What is Wi-Fi 6?


AI-powered Wi-Fi for today’s experience edge

Sixth generation Wi-Fi and smart innovations simplify IT and enhance user experiences.

What are some key benefits?

  • Supports higher bandwidth and density – ideal for AR/VR/UCC
  • IoT ready – supports multiple wireless technologies
  • More efficient and enables more vendor-specific differentiators

How is it better than Wi-Fi 5?

  • Over 4x the Average Performance
  • New Wi-Fi Technology: OFDMA, MU-MIMO, 1024-QAM, TWT
  • Higher Security: WPA3


Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™ (Wi-Fi 6) :

AP22 is Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™ (Wi-Fi 6) brings higher capacity, efficiency, and performance to SMB especially for dense deployments.

Advanced cellular co-existence (ACC):
Built-in filtering to automatically minimize the impact of interference from cellular networks, distributed antenna systems (DAS) and commercial small-cell or femto-cell equipment.

LDPC (low density parity check):
High efficiency error correction for increased throughput

Wi-Fi 6 at great pricing
Latest technology at a great price point

Servicing different clients. Built-in customized scheduler.
Auto-prioritization of applications/clients

Integrated BLE
Device onboarding and troubleshooting.
Cloud managed – Instant On mobile app/web portal


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WATCH TO WIN | Aruba Instant On Networking Solution: The right products for your small business

Small and mid-sized businesses now more than ever must adopt new technologies to stay ahead of the curve.

Whether your customers’ own a small business or work from home, a reliable and secure network plays a critical role in their success. Aruba Instant On offers a comprehensive solution that is affordable, easy to set up, and provides blazing fast, secure connectivity. See what access points & switches provide you the always-on network for the always-on business.

WATCH TO WIN CHALLENGE | How well do you know Aruba?

Q: Name the first AP to feature in the video?  


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Aruba Instant On. Big Wi-Fi for Small Business.

Wired and wireless solutions for a competitive edge.

Small businesses come in all shapes and sizes. From boutique clothing stores and hotels to gourmet cafés—even tech start-ups.

Crystal-clear audio visuals. Seamless conferencing. Secure transactions. These aren’t just nice-to-haves—they’re make-or break functions for organizations of every size. These functions are essential in creating a frictionless network experience. They keep employees engaged and performing at their best. They enable you to meet your customers where they’re at.

Business challenges:

  • Keep up with the latest technology
  • Manage budget efficiently
  • Enhanced security concerns
  • Extend network to every corner
  • Keep network running with limited resource

The Aruba Instant On portfolio delivers a high-performance, secure networking solution at a price that won’t break the bank. Instant On access points and switches can be installed in minutes with no expertise required.

With solutions designed for indoor, outdoor, hospitality, and SOHO environments, there’s an option for practically every need.

Meet the mobile app

Network setup, management, and monitoring has never been so easy. With Instant On, all it takes is an iOS- or Android-enabled smart device and you’re ready to go. Just imagine:
Complete control of your network from the palm of your hand.


Address your customers’ business challenges with the complete end-to-end networking solution, delivered by industry-leading Aruba Networks. 

Discover the power of Instant On for yourself and request a demo unit HERE


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GreenLake – Network as a Service | Aruba

Flexible service delivery for Aruba hardware and software.

Network investments don’t always produce expected
business objectives: equipment can take too long to fully
deploy, daily operations can overwhelm the network team,
and budget challenges can delay critical projects.

HPE GreenLake for Aruba provides a new approach designed
to accelerate your network lifecycle at every step, while
lowering your burdens and risks by sharing responsibility to
reach expected business outcomes with financial flexibility.


  • Accelerated On-Boarding Experience working with
    our Customer Success Manager and your selected
    Aruba partner
  • Reduce IT Workload with our expert team and
    data-driven automation
  • Avoid Network Slowdowns and Outages with
    advanced prep for needed service expansions and
    simplified renewals
  • Stretch Your Budget with predictable subscription
  • Obtain Proven Value of HPE GreenLake projects for
    our customers

Download the GreenLake for Aruba Services Brief HERE



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Aruba ESP is the industry’s first AI-powered platform designed to unify, automate, and secure the Edge. Aruba ESP combines AIOps, Zero Trust Security, and a Unified Infrastructure, with financial and consumption flexibility to help IT:

  • Identify and resolve issues quickly, pre-empting problems before they impact the business.
  • Protect against advanced threats from a vanishing security perimeter.
  • Monitor and manage thousands of wired and wireless devices across campus, branch, or remote locations.
  • Quickly deploy network services at scale to support changing business needs.
  • Allow continued infrastructure investment in the face of uncertain financial challenges.


21st October2020 @ 10:00 to 11:30 (UK time) – please register on the following link



This sessions is delivered using Zoom Video Conferencing software and last approx. 90 minutes (10:00 – 11:30).