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Earn while you learn with Westcoast College. Whether you read an article, watch a video or complete a quiz, you could earn yourself points. The more you learn, the more you earn! Make sure to engage with all of the content and click the ‘Get Rewards’ button at the end. As shown below, the points and rewards system is based on 4 levels.

We have recently updated our system – you will no longer receive tokens as well as points. You will only receive points. Prizes can be exchanged for the prizes below, and points will be deducted accordingly. You get to decide if you want to save up your points, or spend them on smaller, more frequent prizes! Have fun!

Level One
1000 Points

Ferroro Rocher Box

Poweradd Portable Charger

JJ Whitley Pink Cherry Gin & Cherry Blossom Candle Gift Set

£10 Amazon Gift Card

Level Two
2500 Points

Beer Hawk Beer Selection Box

Anker Soundcore Mini Speaker

Hotel Chocolat Everything Sleekster Selection

£25 Amazon Voucher

Level Three
5000 Points

£50 Restaurant Choice gift card

Fire 7 Tablet

£50 Amazon Giftcard

Hay Hampers Naughty and Nice Hamper

Level Four
10000 Points

Bollinger Bond 007 James Bond Special Cuvee

One Night Charming Escape

10th Gen Amazon Kindle

£75 Amazon Voucher


Your token credit is not valid for this gift.