December 19th, 2019

HPE nets five CRN Product of the Year Awards for 2019



  • CRN have made their 2019 selections for Product of the Year and recognized HPE in five categories
  • Winning products capture real-world satisfaction among HPE partners and their customers

It’s that time of year again — awards season. We’re not talking movies or music but rather, recognizing the best tech in the industry. The judges at CRN have made their 2019 selections for Product of the Year and recognized HPE products in five — count’em — categories. We couldn’t be more pleased.

CRN recognized the groundbreaking capabilities of HPE products across three distinct sets of criteria: technology, revenue & profit, and customer demand. Winning in all three of these buckets lands an  Overall Winner rating, of which HPE snagged three for IoT and EdgeEnterprise Software and General Purpose Servers. HPE also landed wins in two subcategories for the HPE Nimble Storage and HPE SimpliVity platforms.

What makes these awards better than your average is they are essentially users’ choice awards, with nominations based not only on editorial selection, but also on a survey CRN fielded to our partner communities. Per CRN, the survey was intended to accurately capture real-world satisfaction among our partners and their customers. Our partners nominated HPE over the course of the year based on our products’ technical merits, revenue and profit potential, and ability to fulfill customer demands — so the fact HPE won in five categories is something to be proud of.

The big story here is the critical advantage of HPE InfoSight

HPE InfoSight won the overall Enterprise Software category, and won the General Purpose Servers category specifically for its use on HPE ProLiant 325 servers. But before we get to the specifics of the awards, let’s talk for a moment about what HPE InfoSight is. Put simply, HPE InfoSight is the industry’s most advanced AI for infrastructure, and its AI-driven operations and insights are completely transforming IT’s approach to infrastructure management. HPE InfoSight has led the industry away from what was essentially a reactive management model to an intelligent, predictive model — and saved customers hours of lost productivity by proactively fixing issues before they impact operations. By extending the predictive analytics and recommendation capabilities of HPE InfoSight to HPE servers, we are enabling smarter, self-monitoring infrastructure for our customers.

CRN recognized the groundbreaking capabilities of HPE InfoSight from three distinct perspectives:



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