November 14th, 2019

Digital Game Changers – Accelerating Customer Outcomes From Edge to Cloud

Our world is changing rapidly – transformed by technologies that connect and inspire, enable and energize. it’s a world HPE founders envisioned 80 years ago, and one where they continue to reimagine what’s possible and accelerate what’s next.

Everyday, customers bring new solutions into the world that embody the purpose of HPE: to advance the way people live and work, by engineering experiences that unlock your full potential.

This collection of customer stories is a celebration of their success, and the transformed world they’re creating. Whether it’s an edge network that helps feed the world or a cloud transformation that delivers improved patient care, a Big Data initiative that pushes race cars to their limits or a city that runs its government as-a-service – HPE customers are turning dreams into reality with HPE technology and solutions. We’re thrilled to share their journeys with you here.

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