College Handbook

Welcome to the Westcoast College, we hope you enjoy your time here. To make your experience more enjoyable and rewarding, we have put together a student handbook that will guide you through the College.

What is the Westcoast College?

The Westcoast College is a consumption-based rewards scheme, exclusively offered by HPE & Westcoast. You will find the latest news, events and products updates from HPE, as well as thought leadership pieces and competitive battlecards. Anybody that uses the Westcoast College can be sure of one thing, it will always make sure that you’re one step ahead of your competition, ensuring that you can speak to any customer in an informed way by having the right access to product and solutions information.

Earning through learning

The Westcoast College is run on a point-based system. Read an article, watch a video, complete a quiz and earn points for doing so. As you consume more, your points will cumulate, advancing you through the 5 levels of education. Every time you visit a content page within the College, be sure to read all the way to the bottom of the page, where you will be able to earn your points by clicking the ‘Get Rewards’ button. Points will be instantly added to your account and can be redeemed for prizes by visiting the prize section of the website.

Education Levels: