November 6th, 2019

Champions of Change and Specsavers: Flexibility to embrace Hybrid Cloud

A vision for the future of eye health

It’s long been said the eye is the window to the soul. Now, it may be a lens on much, much more. What if a routine trip to your local optometrist could help to detect symptoms of not just glaucoma, but diabetes or a brain tumor? That’s the way Specsavers thinks about—and does—eye care. From AI that helps customers shop online for frames, to in-store eye scanning technology that can help to detect more serious conditions through the eyes, Specsavers isn’t just waiting for the future of eyecare to happen—it’s doing it.

Visionary services require ambitious IT
“We’re undergoing a significant transformation in the way our customers interact with us,” says Julian McAll, Head of Technical Services, Architecture and Solution Design for the Asia-Pacific Region at Specsavers. In turn, IT has to transform to deliver the flexibility, security, and performance that keeps customers coming back. But making it all happen on aging, on-premises infrastructure was becoming an obstacle. Specsavers knew it needed to move beyond traditional IT, but couldn’t migrate all its workloads immediately to the public cloud.

Buying flexibility (and time) with pay-per-use
“We have a global focus right now on removing our on-premise data centers and moving to a cloud-based model,” explains McAll. “And there’s a vision for a CAPEX to OPEX model. We need to be able to grow when we need to, not wait until the next technology refresh cycle.” To evolve beyond its reliance on infrastructure ownership, Specsavers engaged with service provider Champions of Change, an HPE partner. “Our job was to help Specsavers get beyond worrying about which technology to invest in, and help them focus on which business outcomes they wanted to achieve,” shares Xara Tran, CEO of Champions of Change. To do that, Tran introduced Specsavers to HPE GreenLake—a consumption-based IT model that gives Specsavers the ability to scale up or down without an upfront technology investment. “HPE GreenLake is giving us the opportunity to move into consumption-based computing early,” explains McAll. “And it’s giving us the flexibility to continue to use our legacy stacks while we decide what to move into the cloud, and what to keep on-prem.”

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