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HPE Alletra Sales Enablement – selling the experience – Thursday 5th August

You can now register for the HPE Alletra Sales Enablement Training via: HPE Alletra Sales Enablement – selling the experience – Atrium Consulting (


What is DSCC

  • HPE’s storage and data management strategy
  • How does this accelerate HPE’s aas vision
  • How does it differentiate HPE
  • Features
  • Intent based provisioning
  • Fleet management
  • Operational Experience

HPE Alletra & Storage Portfolio update
Benefits to the Channel

  • Key take a ways
  • Channel incentives

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HPE FlexOffers

Unlock tailored HPE configurations, short lead times and competitive pricing. Boost your HPE sales with FlexOffers today.

HPE FlexOffers allows you to get the best pricing, plus incremental discounts on build-to-order (BTO) configurations. You also get access to exclusive FlexOffers Special Deals. And the more you attach, the more your save.

Everything is offered through iQuote for ease of use and clarity on savings. All FlexOffers are based on HPE best seller products, which we hold in stock – so you can deliver with very short lead times.


How to use FlexOffers

To start benefiting from FlexOffers, just follow these three simple steps.

  1. Log into iQuote
  2. Look out for the FlexOffers Logo
  3. Add the minimum number of qualifying products and get your discount!


Benefits of FlexOffers:

  • Best transactional HPE pricing with incremental discounts for resellers
  • Exclusive Special Deals (only offered through Flex Offers)
  • Easily customized configurations
  • No long lead times
  • Heat of the Market SKUs that are ready to ship from Distribution Inventory
  • Everything is offered through iQuote for ease of use – See the savings, the Stock availability
  • Access the Solutions wizard, competitive pricing selector and easily transfer quotes

HPE Alletra Sales Enablement – enabling conversations – Tuesday 3rd August

You can now register for the HPE Alletra Sales Enablement Training via: HPE Alletra Sales Enablement – enabling conversations – Atrium Consulting (

What is DSCC

  • How does this accelerate HPE’s as a service vision
  • How does it differentiate HPE

Alletra overview
Benefits to the Channel

  • Key take a ways
  • Channel incentives

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Simplified Cloud Networking with Aruba Central

Aruba Central is a cloud-based network management & monitoring solution from Aruba Networks. Experience the power and simplicity of the cloud for fast and easy network operations during this technical webinar!

Known for their relentless pursuit of excellence when it comes to serving their customers, Aruba distribute some of the best-known global IT brands to resellers, retailers and other organisations in the UK, the Republic of Ireland and mainland Europe.

Watch the full Aruba webinar now!

The future of Data-Driven Transformation


Not a day goes by that we don’t come across a business article discussing the benefits of data and its ability to transform organizations. We read about a new world of possibilities, with data ushering in new customer experiences and powering the next wave of applications that will connect data to insights and to outcomes. But the realities of where organizations are today, and where they want to go, are far from the same.

What stands in the way of innovation is complexity – complexity that spans across people, process, and technology rooted in how data and data infrastructure are managed. ESG recently completed a study that found organizations on average rely on 23 different data management tools! That’s an overwhelming amount of disparate hardware and software (not to mention the people silos) needed to manage the lifecycle of data and data infrastructure — from how data is accessed, protected, governed, and analysed to how infrastructure is deployed, provisioned, replicated, upgraded, and mobilized.


Complexity impacts everyone

Organizations have lived with this complexity for years — and yet it’s precisely what stands in the way of transformation. How so? It comes down to today’s approach to data and infrastructure management and the way it impacts everyone. For starters, think about storage and the headaches that IT deals with every day. Countless time is spent tuning, maintaining, and upgrading storage across fleets. Trade-offs must be made between resiliency, efficiency, and performance. Provisioning is manual and burdened with guesswork. Cloud seems like a potential answer, but data and apps are needed everywhere.

The impact of complexity is also far broader than IT. Data innovators — those who turn bits-and-bytes into new apps and insights — can’t get access to data fast enough. Manual processes inhibit data utilization and slow down time-to-value. Data managers are challenged to streamline data access, while at the same time protecting their crown jewels within an ever-increasing threat landscape.

So, what can be done? Reimagine the data experience.

Watch this short video to learn more:

http://The Future of Data-Driven Transformation – YouTube


HPE Storage is a proven leader in enterprise storage. Organizations in virtually every industry — including healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing – have long trusted us as guardians of their data. But now, our customers need us to do more, and that requires expanding our mission — from being the leader in enterprise storage to becoming the leader in data management. That’s what we’re doing today.

For the past 18 months, we have been at work on a new vision that reimagines data and infrastructure management. A vision that drives agility and innovation. A vision that spans across clouds and empowers organizations. It’s a vision for a new data experience that we call Unified DataOps.

Unified DataOps upends conventional approaches to help organizations accelerate their data-driven transformation — creating value for everyone from IT managers to data innovators. Imagine, instead of tuning and maintaining infrastructure, IT managers simply deploy cloud services with instant application provisioning. Instead of waiting days to access data, developers and data scientists get streamlined access on-demand. Instead of worrying about threats to data, data managers can set protection policies with a single-click wherever data lives.



This is the power of Unified DataOps.

Unpacking the blueprint for Unified DataOps

Unified DataOps is not just a desire, but a reality that’s possible with an original approach and new thinking. It embraces data, cloud, and AI to reimagine the data experience through data-centric policies and automation, cloud-native control and operations, and AI-driven insights and intelligence.

Data-centric policies and automation

 Data has a continuous lifecycle spanning test/dev, production, protection, and analytics. It needs to be managed holistically from creation to deletion. Software that can only manage individual parts of that lifecycle is inefficient and creates visibility gaps. Unified DataOps, on the other hand, applies holistic data-centric policies and automation that collapses silos and unifies workflows across the data lifecycle. That means policies that manage how data is stored, accessed, protected, and mobilized — even how applications are provisioned — are data-centric and automated.

Cloud-native control and operations

Today, data and infrastructure management software lives on-premises. This isn’t ideal for several reasons: with data spanning from edge to cloud, visibility and control are limited, and more tools are needed to follow the data; on-premises software and supporting hardware need to be maintained, patched, and upgraded; and maintaining software requires maintenance windows, making it difficult to adopt new technology.

But what if you could stop following the data and just manage data wherever it lives from a single destination? Unified DataOps calls for cloud-native control and operations that enable you to manage all your data and infrastructure, from edge-to-cloud, through a single pane of glass. By abstracting data and infrastructure control away from physical infrastructure, organizations can manage their workflows from the cloud and orchestrate them wherever data lives — and gain faster access to features through cloud services.

AI-driven insights and intelligence

AI is a critical dimension of Unified DataOps. AI is transforming every industry with unprecedented intelligence, creating autonomous operations across manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare, to name a few. Just as we rely on Google Maps to see ahead and reroute us if needed, businesses need AI to be deeply integrated into data operations. Imagine being told you can avoid a disruption by making a network setting change, or improve app performance by rebalancing workloads and resources in a specific way, or provision applications instantly across your entire fleet without any planning or calcs. That’s the power of AI-driven insights and intelligence.


Achieving Unified DataOps with HPE

HPE Storage is redefining our mission and value for customers with this new vision. And today, we are delivering on the vision of Unified DataOps with the Intelligent Data Platform, the one data platform that connects applications to infrastructure, innovators to data, and automation to policies in a seamless, unified cloud experience wherever data lives.

Bringing together the Data Services Cloud Console, HPE Alletra, and HPE InfoSight – delivered as a service via HPE GreenLake, the Intelligent Data Platform uniquely powers a new data experience that collapses silos across people, process, and technology to unleash data, agility, and innovation for organizations.

Get ready to accelerate your data-driven transformation. The Intelligent Data Platform is changing the way storage and data are managed forever.


An article by:

David Wang
Director, Product Marketing, HPE Storage
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Westcoast’s Data Analytics Journey

The term ‘big data’ is often banded around but essentially, as the world becomes more connected, more processes are being automated allowing businesses to capture data faster than ever before. This is set to increase astronomically as the Internet of Things really takes hold.

And it is these huge data sets, or big data as it is commonly called, which, when analysed, can be used by organisations to make better informed business decisions.

Solutions that help you succeed in the digital age by managing and analysing your data – your most valuable currency – from core to edge.


It’s a data driven world!

Harness all the possibilities of machine learning, memory driven computing and other innovations in data and analytics. We’ll help you get the right mix of solutions from the digital core to the intelligent edge to drive your business forward:

IoT Systems: Edge computing that delivers secure control and accelerates time to insight from the industrial internet of things.

High Performance Computing: Overcome the barriers to supercomputing and compete in increasing aggressive markets by using the most powerful, most efficient machines.

Data Centre Modernisation: Overcome big data challenges and migration to the cloud by using the right to compute – to modernise your data centre.

Real-time analytics with SAP: Realise shorter time to value and rapid deployment for real time analytics with solutions combining infrastructure, software and services.

Data centre and Infrastructure: Realise predictable IT, accelerate digital transformation, and power what’s next by using automation for the ever-maturing IT organisation.

Data-driven services: Find insight in exploding data volumes. Deliver actionable intelligence to the right people at the right time. Learn how data can work for you.

IT consumption services: Leverage on-demand pay-as-you-go capacity that combines agility and economics of the public cloud and the security of on premises IT.

Data Protection and Retention: Keep data safe while optimising backup and recovery performance. Cost-effectively reduce your risk of data loss and recover from downtime.


Westcoast has been investing in the big data and business intelligence opportunity for some years now and represents key suppliers HP and Microsoft. Uniquely, it is conducting its own, very public big data trail in the full gaze of its vendors and resellers, sharing the findings with them.

Westcoast has had to ask some important questions about how big data can be used it to improve the way we works and how we can share these insights with our partners. We don’t have all the answers yet, but with the potential for big data to fundamentally change the way a company operates, it would be foolhardy to simply throw valuable data away.

Full gaze

Within Westcoast we are currently documenting our own journey into the world of big data. Our plan is to use this intelligence to speed up our decision-making to provide a better customer experience.

As part of this process, we plan to teach our customers how to use their own data more effectively, using the technology we sell. In this way, we hope to demonstrate the value of data and how we can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and, looking to the future, find answers to the questions that industry doesn’t know exists yet.

Earn 2% when selling Storage for both Sales & Pre Sales – with HPE Alletra now added!

We’re extremely happy to see that many of you have earned with us through the Focus Storage campaign! As per your feedback, we have decided to extend the Campaign and Double-Points Periods until the end of October!

We’re also introducing HPE Alletra to the campaign! Through Alletra, we are transforming from a leader in enterprise storage to a leader in data management, and we’d love to celebrate you being a part of this transformation through HPE Engage & Grow.

To recap, whether you’re a Sales or a Pre-Sales rep, you’re eligible to earn 2% of sold eligible Storage Products (below).

Hurry up and submit your claims on the portal!

*Deals must be driven by the partner, not HPE. 


  • HPE Alletra
  • HPE Nimble Storage
  • HPE HCI 2.0
  • HPE Primera



  1. Login to your Engage&Grow portal
  2. Go to Storage Campaign in the navigation menu for the campaign details
  3. Submit claims by filling out required uploading OPG document and accepting terms and conditions.


Double Points Campaign runs from
15 May 2021 until 31 October 2021

Program Terms and Conditions Apply.

Visit HPE ENGAGE & GROW Portal to know more


HPE MSA hybrid storage solutions provide the entry-point for SAN storage supported by HPE ProLiant servers. HPE MSA storage offers a portfolio of arrays, drives, and options that deliver a common set of features enabling flash-ready hybrid storage systems designed to deliver hands-free, affordable application acceleration for demanding SMB workloads.

Learn more about HPE MSA storage virtualization capabilities and is perfectly set to equip storage administrators with the tools they need to optimize management, implementation, monitoring and maintenance functions on the HPE MSA storage solution.